Friday, May 8, 2020

Mother's Day Writing

This is a tribute to the wonderful mothers teaching their children at home during the lockdown. You are doing a fabulous job. What amazing writers we have because of you!

This week students in Kowhai were asked to write about why they love their mum and tell about a time mum made them laugh. Our writing goal has been to include describing words. Here is what they wrote...
Dayna wrote, "Mum always tickles me on the couch. It makes me laugh a lot."
Lilly gave her writing a title: 'I love Mum'

Astra wrote, "I love my mum because she bakes the best yummy cake."
Then, "I laughed when mum called the dogs little mongrels".
Scout wrote, "My mum gives me cuddles. She is beautiful and always kisses me."
Jimmy wrote "I like Mum. Mum's cooking is yummy."
Then, "We went bike riding and my mum fell off her bike. It was funny."

And Blu wrote, "My mum makes me laugh when we play the funny tickle game. I giggle and so does my mummy."


  1. Oh I love these so much, so many cool reason to love Mum's.
    Your writing is getting so neat as well, I cant wit to see you all back at school so I can see how much you have all grown and learnt.

  2. Whanau Kowhai , your good copies of your writing are impressive!Your Mum's all sound amazing!
    I think Mrs Croc will be very happy with your sentences beginning with capital letters,finger spaces and ending with a full stop.Keep up the awesome mahi!

  3. These are great! I love the pictures of your Mums and how Scout's Mum is holding her. You all have very neat handwriting. Well done everyone.